Real Estate

Seeking to increase property values

AM Holdings's Real Estate initiatives strive to achieve top quality by increasing the value of highly distinctive assets in prime locations. The Company renovates or upgrades existing properties or build new ones according to the highest international standards, making them ideal for high-standing tenants.

Ricordi Building

Ricordi Building

Via Berchet, Milan

Prominent 19th-century building that has historically served as the headquarters of the Italian music publishing company “Casa Ricordi”, next to the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele. The 5,000 sq m property was renovated to become a retail/office asset featuring world-class architectural, engineering and technological standards. In 2014, it became the world's oldest building to obtain the LEED Gold certification from the US Green Building Certification Institute (GBCI).
The whole property is now leased out to the high-profile international brands FERRARI and FURLA.

photos: Paolo Utimpergher

Stelvio Building

Stelvio Building

Viale Stelvio, Milan

Prominent office complex located between the thoroughfare of Viale Stelvio and Via Valtellina, where once there were the historic “Magazzini della Farina” (flour warehouses). A 12,000 sq m building with an underground 200-space parking lot, it has a strong architectural personality and makes the most of its corner location. Designed by Roland Gantés and Roberto Morisi - Studio Prp. 
The property, currently leased out to the Intesa SanPaolo Group, has been sold in 2018.

photos: Diego Alto and Emilio Sfriso

Marghera Building

Via Marghera, Milan

A rare example of detached store in the heart of the exclusive Vercelli-Marghera retail complex, the building is over 6,000 sq m and has an 80-space parking lot.

The whole property, LEED certified, was renovated in 2021 according to the most innovative building eco-compatibility standards. The building served as the headquarters of "Mondadori Multicenter" for 20 years, is now the Unieuro main store.

Kennedy Building

Kennedy Building

Via Inverigo, Milan

Detached 5,000 sq m building located between Fiera and Sempione, next to the green lung of San Siro hill, a landmark of north-west Milan. AM Holdings turned a nondescript 1960s building into a prominent and highly visible property boasting state-of-the-art facilities and environmental comfort.
The property was sold in 2002 to TC Sistema.

photos: Emilio Sfriso

Santander Building

Santander Building

Via Santander, Milan

Located in the Famagosta neighbourhood. A 14,000 sq m real estate project designed by Mario Cucinella, it was developed by AM Holdings until the company entered into an agreement with the Municipality of Milan, and then sold it in 2008 to the "Parallelo" Milan Private Real Estate Fund.

render: Mario Cucinella Architects

VP22 Building

VP22 Building

Via Vittor Pisani 22, Milano

The new real estate development situated in the financial district of Milan, close to Milano Centrale railway station and the main forms of public transport, consists in demolishing and rebuilding a 1960s building.
The new 18,000 m2 mixed-use building (commercial, services, offices) will have more than 60 parking spaces and an 800 m2 garden landscaped with tall trees.
The project stands out for its high architectural value. The entire development will adopt the most advanced environmental sustainability criteria, in line with the L.E.E.D.® and WELL certifications.

Edificio industriale

Industrial building


10,000 sq m building within a 45,000 sq m area just outside Novara.

Saturnia Country Club

Saturnia Country Club


600 hectare area used for hunting, pasture, olive groves and forestry, offering a wonderful panoramic view on Tuscany's Maremma. It includes some rural buildings used as holiday farmhouses.

Residential properties


Residence in One Thousand Museum

Biscayne Blvd, Miami

Nearly 430 sq m property plus terraces inside the elegant and exclusive One Thousand Museum residential tower. The skyscraper, in Downtown Miami, was designed by the world-famous architect Zaha Hadid.
The unit was sold in 2021

render: © Zaha Hadid Architects

Miami Beach

Residences in Aqua Building

Allison Island, Miami Beach

A property for a total of approximately 200 sqm plus terraces within a modern complex on a small private island off South Miami Beach. The island features a luxuriant tropical garden, and all properties offer a spectacular view of the lagoon and the city.

Another penthouse on the same island was bought in 2008 and then sold in 2019



Chelsea, Londra

Over 250 sq m penthouse inside an elegant building in Chelsea made of steel and glass, offering a great view of the city's skyline.

foto: Paolo Utimpergher